About printers Zortrax M200

Zortrax M200 printer is created in Poland. Appreciated by thousands of users over the world. Print characterized by the repetition and precision measurement. Printer accurately reproduces the 3D model dimensions. Thanks to that we are certain that the next items will be the same.

specyfication of material Zortrax M200


Classic and versalite termoplastic material. Easy to mechanical treatment. Used for printing items for test, prototypes and conceptual models. ABS ensure an aesthetic and mechanical properties of printed objects.


It is one of the hardest and most durable termoplastic material. Allow to create print with a excellent, semi-shine finish. Perfect for iterative testing and architectural models. In join with M200 printer can create realistic prototypes and final parts.


Unique, resistance of material deformation. Transmit a lights. Z-Glass is a termoplastic copolyester mixed with a fiberglass. Resistance of stretching, high temperature and abrasion (also salts, acids and alkalis). Very good for printing transparent models.


A termoplastic polymer with a high impact resistance. Any possibility of a treating: painting, bonding, sandblasting. Perfect for prototyping large models, like a covers for electrical equipments for home an industrial use.


Z-PETG is resistant to the salt, asids and alkalis. A ideal material exposed to the chemical factor. Material which you can create tough and demanging items.


Mix ABS + policarbonate. Used to printing covers, cases. Material resistant to high and low temperature. Very good material for production funktional prototypes.

Print examples Zortrax M200