About printers Form 2

Form 2 printer is characterised by incredible quality prints even for very complex shapes. Thickness of printed layer is 25 microns (0.025mm). Form 2 is fully professional device for prototyping and modeling. The base material used is a resin of different characteristics. Print technology: SLA (Stereolitography), curing resin with a laser beam

specyfication of material Form 2


The basic resin. Very well reflect the reality. High resolution 25 mikrons (0.025mm) Smooth surfaces. 4 colors available.


High impact material. Very durable and resistant. Tough to high stresses and strains. Perfect for engineering challenge.


Allows create elements, that are flexible and elastic. Exceeds the limits of standard 3d print.


Rasin for molds. Burn out cleanly. Created for very precise detail as well as extraordinary smooth surfaces. Intended for small and unique parts for example: jewelery


Durable was designed to simulate polypropylene (PP) plastic, with comparable low modulus and high-impact strength. Use this wear-resistant, ductile material when parts require deformation and a smooth, glossy finish.

High Temp

High Temp has an HDT of 289 °C @ 0.45 MPa—the highest on the 3D printing materials market. This material is great for static applications that will undergo higher temperatures. High Temp can also be used for production processes such as casting and thermoforming.

Print examples Form 2